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martel urnieta y ordonez
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"Martel & Urnieta" Law Firm, was founded by Ignacio Martel Adeler in 1983, at that moment "Martel Abogados", in Sotogrande, after an extensive professional career in Madrid and United Kingdom, working with several British firms. Later on, in 1.994 joins the Firm Sergio Urnieta Ortega, litigation specialist, who developed his professional career in Barcelona until then.

In 2.005, the Firm is established as Martel & Urnieta Abogados, being the current partners, Teresa e Ignacio Martel Carrasco, daughter and son of the Founder, as well as Sergio Urnieta, with the valuable assistance of several others solicitors and assistants. Since February 2006, Martel & Urnieta Abogados, has also an office located in Puerto de la Duquesa (Málaga), besides their usual office at Sotogrande (Cádiz).